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Oral Proficiency Interview (computer) - OPIc

What is the Oral Proficiency Interview (computer) – OPIc?

The OPI or Oral Proficiency Interview is a widely used, live, oral proficiency evaluation that is recognized by many international corporations, universities and government agencies for its reliability in determining an individual’s speaking ability.  As a result of its reliability and growing demand for the OPI, the OPIc, or computer based Oral Proficiency Interview was developed.  The OPIc is similar to the live test, but with questions being delivered via computer program rather than by a live test proctor.

Before taking the OPIc, the test taker will be required to complete a background survey which will determine the type and variety of questions that will be asked during the test.  The Background survey will gather information about work, school, hobbies, activities, and home life.

How does the Berlitz Method help in preparing for the OPIc?

Our focus at Berlitz is to create understanding, and develop ones speaking ability asking questions that are based on topics useful to our students. These topics can be varied and are based on work, social situations and in home activities.  Through the use of questions we also introduce the structure and vocabulary most commonly used in these situations.

The Berlitz Method and the questions used in Berlitz classes are the ideal way to practice for the OPIc test since the questions used during a Berlitz class are similar in nature, with a focus on accuracy, fluency and pronunciation.