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Language Services

Besides our famous BerlitzEnglish™, we also teach Indonesian, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Mandarin, Arabic and more . We use the same, famous Berlitz Method®, and apply the same standards that set us apart from our competitors. Our learning materials in these languages are of the highest quality, and we employ only native or native-fluent speakers of each language. Once you successfully complete a Berlitz Level, you will receive an internationally recognized Berlitz Language Certificate.

English Courses

Berlitz EnglishTM textbooks and materials are developed through many years by the US headquarters of Berlitz and many famous organizations, such as Harvard Business School, Time Warner, Fortune and American Online based on in-depth investigations into the learning needs, manners and habits of students, so they are well targeted and very practical. Textbooks are classified into ten levels. Each level is subdivided into chapters. Under a defined theme, each chapter includes pictures and photos, simulates real-world scenarios and provides necessary clear and easily understandable explanations of words and grammar. They provide students with a more “live” experience of English learning.

Subjects offered such as: Business Conversation, Meetings, Presentations, Social Situations, Negotiations, Business Writing and more.

Indonesian Courses

Bahasa Indonesia is the official language of Indonesia. Indonesia is the fourth most populous nation in the world. Of its large population, the majority speak Indonesian, making it one of the most widely spoken languages in the world.

Most formal education, and nearly all national mass media, governance, administration, judiciary, and other forms of communication, are conducted in Indonesian.

With over a century of experience in language teaching, Berlitz offers you professional, native-speaking Indonesian instructors who have been strictly trained in the Berlitz Method®. We teach only in Indonesian, emphasize practical training, enhance students’ sense of language and confidence, expand their knowledge base and ability to use Indonesian and help them enjoy Indonesian learning quickly, easily!

Besides the regular program from beginner level to advanced level. We also conduct an intensive program “Belajar Bahasa Indonesia dalam sebulan” (Speak Indonesian in a month) suitable for beginners who just recently arrived in Indonesia.

The course has been designed for those who have recently arrived in Indonesia and therefore includes information on cross-cultural issues and handle a variety of travel situations with confidence.

The program is packed with up-to-date Indonesian for you to understand and be understood with topics such as introductions and greetings, giving and asking for information, ordering a meal, telling time (Calendar: days of the week, months, and dates), ask about sizes and prices, ask for directions and locations, and many more..

Other languages courses

With over a century of experience in language teaching, Berlitz offers you professional, native-speaker and native-fluent instructors who have been strictly trained in the Berlitz Method®. Our combination of original foreign textbooks with native pronunciation, the lively, interesting and scenario-based approach to teaching and cultural immersion gives you full exposure to the passion, openness, and generosity of the foreign languages, trains you to speak and think as a native speaker and helps you easily speak lively the language!

Sample program we offer for beginners

Focusing on “Survival Skills for immediate use. Each lesson trains students in the use of set expressions as well as important sentence patterns frequently used in practical conversational situations, such as “at a restaurant”, “in a taxi”, “shopping”, “introductions”, “at the post office”, “asking directions”, “making a phone call”, “ordering food”, “buying a ticket”, “at the office”, “at the station”, “at a party”, etc.


• Enjoy our friendly classes! Learning a new language is fun!

• Learn at your own pace and interact with your instructor and classmates. We don’t lecture!

• Our time-proven method uses only the target language – no translation

• Picture books for beginners and other media for more advanced students ensure accurate understanding

• Use audio CDs to practice at home

• Every one of our instructors are native or native-fluent in the language

• Our courses can easily be customized to suit individual needs